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Playing Doom on an office telephone - September 4, 2021 Weekly Dump | Issue #3

Playing Doom on an office telephone - September 4, 2021 Weekly Dump | Issue #3

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The major challenge with renewable energy is the storage of that energy. Fossil fuels are, essentially, stored energy, and storing literal sunlight isn't exactly a viable option for us.

How Mirrors Could Solve our Energy Problem
We visited a giant field of solar mirrors to learn about Concentrated #Solar Power technology! Thank you to Toyota for lending us the Mirai and for sponsorin...

A chilling look back to 2015, a pre-COVID world, and how the world simply isn't ready to respond to a global pandemic. Almost 18 months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, it's disappointing to see how right Bill Gates truly was.

The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates
Visit http://TED.com to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more.In 2014, the world avoided...

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You are the sum of your experiences, not in years, but instead in some imaginary "experience points". Live your life such that you maximize XP points in the various skills and achievements that matter most to you. For me, one of those skills happens to be making DOOM run in places it wasn't intended.

DOOM is one of those games that's been around for decades and has been a staple of the homebrew community. If homebrew can be run on a platform, then there's a good chance that DOOM runs on that platform. Polycom telephones, however, don't normally show up as a viable platform for homebrew. Until now.

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Bedtime procrastination becomes revenge bedtime procrastination when the decision to delay sleep is in response to a lack of free time earlier in the day. Staying up late and carving out some leisure time even if we feel tired and need sleep becomes a way of getting revenge on daytime hours with little free time.

I am so guilty of this. The first 10+ hours of my weekdays are always spoken for, and sometimes it feels like the time before bedtime is the only time I get for myself. Being aware of it is the first challenge to be able to make corrections.

The psychology of revenge bedtime procrastination
Have you ever come home after a long day at work, with a narrow window of time to eat, shower, and go to bed, but decided to carve out some leisure time at the expense of your sleep? This is called “revenge bedtime procrastination”, and it can be extremely harmful to your physical and mental ... Rea…

5. Simple is hard.

They say that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill. This is one person's lessons learned from those hours.

Reflections on 10,000 Hours of Programming
31 reflections from 10,000 hours of deliberate programming practice.