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Chicken Photos and Sore Wrists

Chicken Photos and Sore Wrists
Source: https://chicken.photos
Photos of chickens, taken by chickens. Featuring special guests.
Chicken Photos uses a Canon 9D and a Raspberry Pi to automatically take pictures of the chickens on the owner's property. The special guests are worth a gander, too!
Exercises For Sore Wrists & Hands
Use this clinically-backed wrist stretching routine to loosen up and strengthen tight, achey wrists and can get back to doing what you enjoy.
If you spend as much time as I do at a computer, then you probably feel some tension and pain in your wrists and hands from time to time. Take some time to stretch on a regular basis to keep those hands in tip top shape!
My Side Project Rocks – Share your early-stage side projects to the world!
Post your side projects in early-stage, share them to the world, and get valuable feedback from your first users.
Does what it says on the tin. Found on Hacker News, it's a neat place to post your own side projects and see what others are producing. 
DALL·E mini - a Hugging Face Space by dalle-mini
Discover amazing ML apps made by the community
The DALL-E 2 was recently announced, and what it can produce is truly impressive. Access to DALL-E 2 is limited, but you can still have fun with DALL-E mini and see what crazy stuff gets produced.
15.ai: Natural TTS with minimal viable data
15.ai: Natural high-quality faster-than-real-time text-to-speech synthesis with minimal data
Trained on some iconic voices like Spongebob Squarepants and GLaDOS from Portal, you can feed arbitrary text into an amazing text-to-speech engine for some truly hilarious results.
How to get work done when you’re not feeling it - RescueTime Blog
It’s not always possible to be “in the right headspace” for work. In fact, more often than not, you’re probably nowhere near the right headspace ...
We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and don't want to actually do anything. Here's some tips to make progress, even when you don't want to.